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$5,500/mo for an Industrial Conversion in Lincoln Park

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This 4,000 sf former matchbox factory fills out its Lincoln Park lot. The 1899 structure was converted in the 90s, and first put up for rent last winter. It's back once again at the original rent of $5,500/mo. Of course, Zillow's "Rent Zestimate" is thrown for a loop on this one, projecting a $3,644/mo figure. The intangibles have gone unaccounted for. For one, while neighbors are lulled into a deep docility by their Victorian ornament, you'll have that gritty factory facade, rad timber ceilings, and a park-sized roof deck to brag about. There's also a center courtyard, fireplaces, and a jacuzzi complementing the four bedrooms. It's getting harder to be a renter, but this kind of property defies the usual computations.
·Listing: 1415 W Altgeld St. [Zillow]