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Beating Back the Critics

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So, the Post Office Mega-Development plan is a joke, right? Real estate types and common observers alike have been laughing it into the ground since it first dropped this summer. Enter Martin Mulryan, developer Bill Davies' right-hand man and project manager. Mulryan tells Crain's that nothing has slowed and that he's working frantically behind the scenes to win the approval of the right big wigs. This includes Aldermen, preservationists, and prospective investors. The $3.5 billion plan includes retail, hotels, over 1,000 residences, and the tallest building in North America at 2,000 feet. The only thing in real jeopardy, according to Mulryan, is the final height of that tower. It's probably not profitable to build that high, but they'd still like to have a major focal point around which development can coalesce. [Crain's]