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The Best Apartment for Rooftop Hula-Hooping

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Used to be a rooftop was what you snuck onto twice a year to launch fireworks, or in summer to sun bake and catch some tar fumes. Now, a built-out, tarted-up roof deck is what denizens of multi-unit buildings have come to expect. The discerning renter might ask himself "Is this patio furniture top notch?" or "Is there sufficient grilling capacity for myself and 25 friends?" or "How many other tenants am I forced to share with?" The last hypothetical is a big one for renters on the hunt. Total exclusivity is assumed for balconies, but hardly ever for rooftops in apartment buildings. That's why you gotta go for the penthouse condo rental. This one here is a top-floor 3-bedroom unit with its own elevator, delivering you directly from your living room to the roof. The 1,800 sf interior is precisely matched by the roof area. The indoor comforts and amenities are more than sufficient but you're renting this for the roof, no question. Push aside the furniture and have a hula-hoop contest. Host rooftop yoga sessions. Install a bocce court. Just don't waste it. Please, don't waste it. Renting now for $2,600.
·Listing: 1903 N Diversey Pkwy #502 [Domu]