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Horror Stories: Landlord's Take: Drugs, Parties, Catastrophe

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And now, we hear of one landlord's special misery:

"I'm a landlord and oh lord, you might want to sit down for this one! How about 2 girls in their late 20's who were high school friends. Four weeks into the lease girl #1 disappears and only gets found because she "borrowed" girl #2's car which the police have now impounded because she drove it to a drug deal! So girl #1 gets arrested dealing heroin. A LOT of heroin. And the apartment is her last known address so it gets printed in the paper. Girl #2 assures me she can afford the whole rent and wants to stay. but that's when I discover she has a kid she did not disclose AND 3 dogs running around. Grrrr....So I'm not a monster, fine she can stay. I discover girl #2 is a hardcore porn star (no judgement!) and likes to take prescriptions by the handful (painkillers and anxiety/depression meds) and party late with her friends. Then I notice the dogs are never outside and I pop by one day to change the furnace filter and it turns out she lets the dogs pee and poop inside wherever they want in a carpeted apartment! Ashtrays of overflowing cigarettes everywhere (and it's a non-smoking unit). I tell her enough is enough and I give her 60 days to find a new place. Fine, she says no problem. She never paid me the last month rent and she had stopped paying her gas bill which resulted in pipes freezing and bursting requiring a lot of repairs and new hot water heater. It's an even longer story and I have proof of all of it lest you think I'm making any of this up! Seriously, I couldn't make this up if I tried!" —Kendra

Epilogue: "After about $8K in rehab and repairs to the unit, I have rented for the past 18 months to a lovely single mom and I hope she never leaves!"