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Welcome to Curbed's Renters Week 2011!

By now, you probably know Curbed as a regular source for real estate buzz, development news, and off-beat listings. We like to carve out a bit of space for the renting population too, through our recurring "Rent, Don't Buy" posts. But it's time to show we care about your universe, dear Renter. After all, you're a mighty influential contingent in our fair city, particularly nowadays. So, starting now, the site launches its first-annual Renters Week, whereby much of our content will be rent-themed. It's all about the highs, lows, and peculiarities of renting. There's a degree of coordination with our sister sites too. Each day around noon all the sites will drop a post covering the same theme (say, vacation rentals) as it relates to their city, so check back to see what we all have to say on a certain subject.