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Lake View Station Renders Itself Back to Relevance

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Last June, Curbed reported on the fate of Lake View Station, a mixed-used development featuring two towers of 30 and 40 stories. Residents of Uptown strongly opposed both the density and use of TIF funds for the project and ultimately voted to kill it by a vote of 488 to 27. The developer, Sedgwick Properties, was forced back to square one in search of plans that could address community concerns. Thanks to the efforts of spyguy at, we can gaze upon the latest renderings. The two-tower scheme has been eliminated in favor of a single, glassy tower, slashing the number of units from 900 to 620. Also gone are three mid-rise buildings that were part of the original proposal. Plans still appear to be in the works for a shopping center and fitness club, with Uptown Update naming Mariano's as a hanger-on from earlier lease talks. Oh yeah, and we're now to refer to the project as "Lighthouse at Montrose Harbor". How cheeky of them.
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