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Ugly Shack Appeal: Hide Your Eccentricities in Irving Park

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The product of an outrageous mind (a free spirit, as they're sometimes known), this overblown shack-like 3-bed in Irving Park wouldn't make the cut here at Curbed if not for the showstopping interior. Everything's just a little off, but not in a bad way. The living space begins on the second floor in an open area with irregular walls and shifting ceiling heights. The kitchen and dining room follow, both bright and modern, and the two smaller bedrooms are fairly normal. On the vaulted top floor, another living room, and office, and master bedroom are linked up. Tiny windows throughout make the white paint job pretty necessary. A funny little deck off the main floor juts out into the trees. Probably the coolest feature is the "fire station sized" four-car garage that screams ART STUDIO for that rarest of breed, established artists. Or, start a fight club. We don't care.

Recently back on the market, Baird & Warner's Laura Arnett tells Curbed "the sale fell through when the buyer was unable to sell their old home". The price is fixed at $409,900, and an open house is staged for Sunday Nov. 6th. Across the street from the Metra Grayland station, train traffic probably helped keep the price down on this one.
·Listing: 3753 N Kilbourn Ave. [Baird & Warner]