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L.P. Comtempo w/ Pro-Grade Home Gym for $3.75M

OK, the mirrors do a lot of the work here, but we still count one, two, less than five mean workout machines. Curbed isn't scared of exercise, but we're a little frightened of the dimensions of those who live with their gym. Since the equipment likely goes with its owner, you may have to settle for a sixth bedroom or hall of illusion. So how about the rest of the house, you ask? Well, it'll certainly accommodate any possible human dimensions, with ease. The 6-bed/5.5 bath house looks like a multi-unit condo building, that's how imposing it is. The lot is an extra-deep 128', which allows the house to sprawl out over 6,756 sf without towering over neighbors. Speaking of towering, the grand foyer's ceilings must surely be at least 25'. The layout includes balconies and floating staircases, and the other main spoils are the home theater, 650 sf roof deck, and courtyard. On the market since April, the ask has held steady at $3.75 million.
·Listing: 2312 N Janssen Ave. [Baird & Warner]