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This House Does Weird Things with Windows, Impresses Few

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Wondering what may be keeping a huge Avondale home on the market after so many deep price cuts? Look to the windows— there just aren't many that make sense. This modern 4,660 sf 4-bed got a little too cute with its window arrangement: Some are too small, others too high, and still others are both. Oddest of all are the wedge-shaped windows placed right above ordinary ones. The window that straddles two floors is cool on the upper balcony kitchen level, but severed and ugly on the lower level. In the language of the Pricechopper, the price has been cut by $220K— or 46%!!— over a mere three-and-a-half months. It's now asking $329,900.
·Listing: 3419 N Kedzie Ave. [Dream Town]