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Oak Park Estate Down Almost 40% Since '09

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With a home like this, you can make you're in East Egg. It wouldn't be that hard an act. On the market continuously for two-and-a-half years, this brick colonial is, according to agent Michael O'Neill of Baird & Warner, "one of Oak Park's true estate homes". Designed by early 20th century big-home specialist Robert Seyfarth, this imposing broad-shouldered beast of a house gives way to more giant-scaled interiors with heavy black-walnut walls and window panes at the entrance. Tile flooring in the foyer adds to the effect. Thankfully, the other rooms are far less severe, with ample windows and bright hardwood floors. The kitchen is large and modern. Starting out at $1,925,000 in April '09, a succession of cuts has brought the 4BD/2BA to a reasonable $1,199,000.
·Listing: 403 N East Ave [Baird & Warner]