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Who's Got MLS's Priciest Non-Loft Studio Listing? Trump.

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Discounting oversized loft studios (of which there are some in the 4,000 sf range), the most expensive studio we're finding currently on MLS is this 21st-floor Trump Tower specimen. We believe that's the floor at which the condos begin. The ask, after six months on the market, is $1,089,000! So what about the unit, you ask? Hmm... from the pictures we know there's a bed and a kitchen. They've done a great job of hiding any sign of windows or doors. There's four shots of the hotel halls and lobbies, three angles of the bathroom, and one of the TV. The main room is 20x20, and the kitchen 8x9. Bathroom is respectable, with a whirlpool tub, and the ever-sexy see-thru shower. No balcony, though. And the 907 sf claim? Probably a big piece is entryway. Everyone knows you're paying for the name, but the name's been tainted.
·Listing: 401 N Wabash Ave #2104 [Wall Street Property Group]