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Three Whole Houses for Under $1,500/mo

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OK, we realize North Austin isn't on everyone's wish list. But hey, that gate provides a modicum of security, right? Whatever your take on the neighborhood, this rental is bona fide lunacy. The respectable-looking bungalow plays down expectations, but what you encounter inside is not what you normally see in the area or anywhere for $1,300/mo. A 4-bed/2.5 bath house, there are also two kitchens: A large one on the main floor, and a smaller one in the basement, which suggests there may have been a separate garden unit at one point. There's a fireplace, a basement bar, and a mix of hardwoods and carpeting. The upper floor bedrooms feature high pitched ceilings and skylights. So this is what you gotta do to rent a place in North Austin!
·Listing: 1643 N Parkside Ave. [Zillow]

This 1,200 sf single family is a new rehab of a handsome brick bungalow in historic Beverly. There's probably more storage space than living space, with a basement and attic at your disposal. The two-bedroom boasts a large living room, a master suite with walk-in closet, and hardwoods throughout. Front and back yard. Walking distance to lots of stuff including Metra. Asking $1,500/mo, it's been available for more than three months.
·Listing: 10506 S Wood St. [Trulia]

Another basement bar find, the listing for this 2-bed house in West Rogers Park doesn't talk up any renovation, restoration, or rehab. That's because you wouldn't want to corrupt the moderately dank retro aspects. The tile floors, wood cladding, cheap cabinets, and 70s bar stools suggest an owner who didn't get out a lot. Lucky for them, there's an audience for this. Other selling points include a big yard, deck, and two-car garage. It's also close to two parks and just a mile-and-a-half from the lake. Renting for $1,400/mo.
·Listing: 6752 N Campbell Ave. [Zillow]