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A 6-Bed Victorian With Room for Obsolescent Collections

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This property's been on and off the market for a few months now, so by the time you read this, it may once again be inactive. What stands before you for now, at least, is an ornate 1882 brick & limestone Victorian in Lakeview for $1.295M. It's got hardwoods, it's got fireplaces, it's got recessed lighting, yeah, yeah, yeah... there's a big yard, there's a terrace, there's a family-sized fitness center. But what's really special is the room devoted to a CD collection. We haven't seen such a proud display of compact discs since 1997! With six bedrooms and five baths spread across four floors of living space, there might still be space for a VHS and Laserdisc collection. Is there a drawback? Well, the slender utilitarian kitchen won't get much love from interested parties. Your kitchen's gotta be obnoxiously large and ooze stainless steel to win at this price point.
·Listing: 1139 W Wellington Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]