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Dispatches from Big Box Land: How to Save Brand Brewing

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[Photo by flickr user ChicagoGeek/creative commons]

With the fate of the old Brand Brewing Complex at 2530 N Elston hanging in the balance, a session of concerned citizens was convened on Monday to rally opposition to a developer's plans for the razing of the 19th century buildings to make way for a hhgregg store. According to a press release, the sold out event won a pledge from Ald. Moreno to not allow any such destruction, and that the developer should agree to a historic preservation solution if it wishes to make headway. For the moment, the City has placed a hold on any demolition. This could mean adaptive re-use will be the direction taken, from the re-establishment of brewing operations or other beer-related functions to small-scale retail and restaurants. This would be pretty unique to an area that's lost much of its architectural heritage. The event's speakers were also quick to note the proliferance of less romantic abandoned industrial spaces lining Elston, inviting hhgregg to nab one of those instead.
·Official Site: Preservation Chicago