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The World's Most Imposing Turkey-Like Building

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We were hoping to bring to you a slew of local turkey-shaped buildings in honor of Toikey Day. To the best of our knowledge, they just don't exist. Go figure. Our search did lead us to one exemplary turkey-themed structure— University of Toronto's Robarts Library. Your Curbed Chicago editor happens to have spent time here and vouches for its avian qualities. Meant to soften the building's brutality, a large protruding neck is home to the rare books collection. The bird's hindquarters house the stacks, computer labs, and study spaces. A long-standing bone of contention among students is whether to declare it a turkey or peacock. There's no Peacock Day by golly, so it oughtta be a turkey! The only other building we know of that resembles a turkey is the Gobbler Supper Club in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, though it only does so from above, and we couldn't find an aerial pic. If anyone can, we'll happily amend our post. Other than that, nearest hits are a duck house on Long Island, and a chicken-shaped KFC.