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"Tower of Jewel" Makes a Claim on Clark and Division

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The loathsome parking lot on Clark and Division could finally meet its demise. Last July, Curbed reported on Jewel's plans to build a high-rise at this prime Gold Coast location. Owing to the efforts of spyguy at, we can now pore over the latest renderings. The roughly 40-story modern tower by Brininstool Kerwin and Lynch features irregular fenestration. Dubbed the "Tower of Jewel," it would front Division Street and link up to a parking podium containing a new Jewel grocery store. Back when Jewel first began accepting bids, local Alderman Brendan Reilly drew a line in the sand, telling Crain's that "it would be irresponsible of any bidder to think they could build the maximum air-rights there." This at least comes close. We'll have to see how he and neighborhood groups respond.
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