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$3.2M: House with a Bath-Fireplace Combo, Elevator

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Earlier in the day we indulged in some bathroom-trashing. Now we're featuring a house on account of its transcendent water closet. This 1886 Near North Side mansion is four stories of spoils plus a 2-bedroom coach house. On the market for 9 months, its $3.2M asking price is unchanged. If you had a 9,200 sf house with 7 fireplaces, an elevator, a 5-car garage, a backyard patio and a huge balcony, you'd stand behind your price too. It's common enough to see fireplaces in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, but how often do you land a bathroom with one? Pretty sweet.
·Listing: 1352 N Lasalle Blvd. [UrbanSpan]