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Greenery to Take Hold at Roosevelt Collection's Plaza

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The last we spoke about Roosevelt Collection, there was speculation as to what sort of towers might go up at the north end of the site. A rendering had emerged from McCaffery Interests showing three significant residential towers. That rendering has vanished from their gallery. What's left is a depiction of a single tower (a retreat to the ambitions of previous owner, Centrum Properties) and a handful of renderings of reclaimed plaza space. The three squat retail structures that cut down the middle of the plaza are being demolished in favor of a full-blown pedestrian zone with fountains, seating, and greenery. Residents will finally get "The Green", meant to be part of the original 2009 construction.

It has been notoriously hard to find retail tenants. The only one at present is the Showplace Icon movie theater but, according to a Chicago Journal article, McCaffery has received letters of intent from several retailers looking to enter lease negotiations. The plaza scheme hopes to be realized by next year.
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Roosevelt Collection

150 W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60605