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Big Price Reduction on a Brawny Uptown Prairie Home

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On the market for six months now, this listing is starting to reach maturity and beginning to ask tough questions of its purpose and self-worth. It shouldn't get too down on itself, there's a lot to be fond of here. For starters it's a handsome home with a lot of early-20th century details, including stained glass windows, stenciled beamed ceilings, and pocket doors. Its eight bedrooms, four baths, gigantic foyer and 5,000 sf of living space qualify it for mini-mansion status. The addition of new wooden fire escape and decks must be a peculiar looking thing slapped onto the rear of the house. We're only guessing. It does considerable expand outdoor lounging space, though. One drawback: the kitchen is pretty small, owing to the days when cooking was all that happened there. Originally priced at $985K, the ask is down to $895K.
·Listing: 4527 N Malden St. [Prudential Rubloff]