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Comment Of The Day

"When I was a young(er) architect, our firm surveyed this building in the early 90's. It was still a rental and the new owner wanted to turn it into condos or a coop. It was in very good shape, but had the issues of all old buildings, as well as an open central stair (a fire code no-no). The apartments in the tier Oprah owns (the original building) were built with 4 bedrooms with a bath in each corner, now apparently converted to one big master suite. The kitchen/staff quarters (for 2) have been reconfigured. The public rooms look the same. At some point, an addition to the west was added with all duplexes. Oh, and all the rooms originally had French names ("Chambre de Domestique," "Bain"), but I guess with the advent of Freedom Fries they've been Anglicized." —Barry Aldridge [Rent the Home that Oprah Almost Lived In]