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7,000 sf of Tarted-Up Warehouse Living for $850,000

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Out near the United Center, at 2118 W Van Buren, a print shop-turned-warehouse mansion awaits a buyer. Also a statue factory at one point, the two-story brick building is now a 7,000 sf private residence. It's got that sassy mix of brick and timber, tapered throughout the massive rooms, 14' ceilings, and an awesome mix of hanging lanterns & chandeliers. The "great room" is 50' wide, the studio 40' wide, which means that the present owner has it set up nicely for live/work. Particularly good for those who employ heavy machinery or huge canvases. The listing agent notes that the space is developer-friendly, with zoning for 2+ stories and an existing potential for up to five units. But at $850,000, you might just want it all to yourself. The listing first appeared in March, was delisted in October, and is back at the original ask.
·Listing: 2118 W Van Buren Ave. [@properties]