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On the Block: A Fine Stucco Bungalow for $324,000

The PriceChopper has been especially harsh on this old stucco bungalow. Nobody seems to want her, but Curbed thinks she's got panache. Built at the turn of the 20th century, this is a pretty early incarnation of the classic bungalow, and looks a good bit different from the mid-century brick specimens that characterize many a neighborhood. The inside spaces are lively and well adorned. Original oak trim wanders through the house and a pair of stained glass windows and a built-in window seat class-up the living room. Unfortunately, the over-sized lot has a series case of dead lawn, so curb appeal is lessened. The back exit spills out into what's essentially a mud pit. That might help explain how a meticulously restored 3-bed with a buxom front yard lost nearly 20% of its list value in the span of seven months. Starting at $399K, it's now asking $324K.
·Listing: 2248 W Lunt Ave. [Coldwell Banker]