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More Info Trickles in on Children's Memorial Hospital Plan

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[Photo by Flickr user JKleeman]

When we last left off, Curbed was lamenting the lack of details regarding the redevelopment of the Children's Memorial Hospital site. Developer McCaffery Interests has had little to say about the project since purchasing the property back in July. But thanks to a recent article in Skyline, we now consider ourselves more enlightened on the plans, though only slightly so. Here is some of the latest info: The residential component will be rentals, not condos. A group known as the Children’s Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Coalition is pushing for affordable units. About half of the buildings will be razed and the other half preserved and put to new uses. Unfortunately, which will stay and which will go remains a mystery. Finally, the timeline for the project is six years. We can only hope McCaffery is more forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.
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