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Poll: Decide Whose Tale is the Most Horrific of All

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We chose the best told and most unusual of the submissions to bring to a vote. If you can't recall what's what, be sure to read up on the selections before casting a vote. They are as follows: "Apartment as Film Archive" about competing for space with a 35mm collection and losing; "The Stench of Death", wherein especially unsanitary conditions trickle down from the upstairs neighbor; "Landlord's Take: Drugs, Parties, Catastrophe", detailing the inefficacy of tenant screening; and "Pimps & Rats Strain a Relationship", in which outside circumstances make it hard to live peacefully. Remember, a month's rent is at stake so give it some thought. This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed. Best of luck to our finalists!

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