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Dorchester Artist Collaborative Coming to Light

In October, we told you about whirling dervish Theaster Gates' plan for a mixed-use, mixed-income artist live-work space being chalked up for the South Side. That plan is coming further into the light, with a rendering from Landon Bone Baker Architects. We had previously reported that the housing component of the site plan would be a three-way split between CHA, affordable, and market-rate units. More specifically, there will be 12 CHA units, 11 affordable artist units, and nine market-rate units also targeting artists. As Landon Bone Baker said to The Architect's Newspaper, "This model could be a different way to attract a variety of residents. It’s really about enriching the lives of all residents. It’s a different notion of amenity." Gates' Rebuild Foundation will recruit residents and manage the cultural center anchoring the site plan.

The plan calls for the adaptive re-use of 36 units of an abandoned CHA housing block, spared demolition. Gates has worked in the area for years, re-purposing individual properties as artist assets, providing local resources so that South Side artists don't have to travel North for exposure. To quote Gates, "What’s really cool about this project with CHA is that it’s really focused on raising people’s quality of life. How do we celebrate the lives of people no matter what means they have?" The site is at 70th and Harper. No word on expected completion date.
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