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Celebrated Architect David Hovey's Streeterville Debut

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Optima Old Orchard Woods solidified David Hovey's status as a great architect. The award-winning project in Skokie, IL has garnered high praise. So when Hovey set his sights on Streeterville, anticipation was naturally quite high. The excitement has been building since 2008, when Chicago Real Estate Daily reported that the architect/developer had purchased a parcel at St. Clair and Illinois streets. Back in February, Curbed mused on what he may have in store for the site. For those of us waiting with baited breath for a glimpse of Hovey's design, spyguy at, naturally, has come through. The sheer, boxy apartment tower is in the range of 40 stories and features a cantilever near the top. It will contain 325 units and a retail element.
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