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Find Your Kindred Weirdo on Craigslist

Here now, our Curbed Network-wide Craigslist Power Hour. We've cherry-picked the weirdest head scratchers we could get our hands on. All of the selections relate to renting in some way. Our searches were basically just trial and error. We hope you'll be amused.

1. Model granny panties (above), and this kind gentleman will give you a free place to live! Furthermore, you could skyrocket to online stardom with the right attitude and chemistry:
Are you an open minded woman? Then read!

2. This is kind of alarming actually and, had it reached our attention sooner, could have contended for best Curbed Horror Story. As this picture -included in the original post- suggests, here is a woman in need of serenity:
Living Space Needed Immediately/Will Maintain Your Property For APT

3. We heard somewhere that swinging is the most celebrated sexual taboo in the land. Suburban couples have it especially bad for each other. But this is the only instance we've seen of combining lodging with swinging. FREE trailer lodging with the duty of cleaning up after swinger parties, to be exact:
Free Rent for a Party Hostess? Swingers Club Needs Hostess

4. This wanted ad seeks someone awesome, meaning dirty, not vegan, and kind to "piece of shit" cats. A soft spot for trash TV and gossip is a big perk. Join forces with this woman in a quest for a "magical" apartment:
$600 Awesome roommate wanted (Lincoln Park/Old Town)

5. There's no lodging available hear, at least not for more than a night. But there are memories to conjure. Not sure how pervasive this fantasy is, but to each his own:
Mature landlady fantasy

6. Mr. Positivity lets you know all about his dog and personal growth in a bid to sell himself to the subletting world. A little weird, but also disarmingly honest:
$400 Career driven hippie with dog.

7. $100 gets you all the sad single man you desire. Treat him right and he may even waive the rent entirely. You are promised a room, a bath, and no chance of escape. Of course, there's an age requirement:
$100 Looking for a female roomate