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Lakeview Area Master Plan Takes Home Some Hardware

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Yesterday, the Lakeview Area Master Plan collected its American Planning Association award for community outreach, confirms Matt Nardella, Principal of Moss Design. The award was first announced in August, but we'd like to take this chance to revisit the plan. In cooperation with PLACE Consulting, the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, and SSA 27, Moss hashed out an environmentally-savvy rethink of Lakeview's public spaces earlier in the year. Check out the video above for Matt's guided overview of the plan and the neighborhood response, and Curbed's prior coverage.

At the heart of LAMP are reclaimed and restored common spaces, native plantings that beautify while doing a better job recovering rainwater, and the erasure of large blank walls- a proven enemy of pedestrian life. For the record, the Paulina pocket park Curbed wrote about yesterday is a component of LAMP and plays an important role in greening the seams beneath the Brown Line. Moss and company add this award to their previous planning honors from the International Downtown Association. Congrats! We hope it earns LAMP a place of reverence among neighbors and developers.
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