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On the Block: A Greystone with Some Unfinished Business

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Whaddya do if you've got your house on the market, mid-renovation, and you run out of time, money, or steam? Slash 500 grand off the price and move on with your life, that's what! At 1111 N Hoyne Ave in Ukrainian Village, that certainly seems to be the case. First listed in May for $1.975M, this 9,700 sq. ft. 6BR mansion is now asking $1.495M. The promise (or at least the semblance) of contemporary finishes still stands. And there's a lot of good to work with: double high ceilings, lots of natural light, a nice deep yard, and steel-beam crib construction?? Or is that just a silly workspace?
·Listing: 1111 N Hoyne Ave. [Coldwell Banker]