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Cool 70s Contempo in the Heart of Old Town

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To swim through the wee streets and lanes of Old Town is to experience what places were like before the influence of automobiles on city planning. Almost uniformly 19th century, the wall of houses dramatically closes in on you as you disengage from the rest of the city. But it's not a total time warp. There are intrusions in the historic fabric. Such is the case with this bulky yet beautiful Larry Booth-designed 1978 contemporary home at Eugenie and Hudson. Private by design, the windows and outdoor spaces are oriented toward the rear. This helps it be a respectful neighbor on such a staid street. The indoor spaces are voluminous and bright, with lofted bedrooms and a standout kitchen. There's also a neat little courtyard and two spiral staircases, one inside and one out. The ask? $1.95 million.
·Listing: 425 W Eugenie St. [Koenig & Strey/Redfin]