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Vintage Live/Work Opportunity for $1.65 Million

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Are you the next big techie startup? Eager to locate live/work space for you and your burgeoning psychotherapy practice? Here's the ticket: A 5BR Victorian dream in Lincoln Park, just off the park and zoo. Presently outfitted for offices, the seller has been granted special use (non-conforming), so live/work, just work, or just live. Your call. Once you look past the the cubicled-living room and bedroom offices, you'll see there's a ton of space and that the house is built to last. Great stained-glass windows and doors, too. And the spiral staircase will keep the kids entertained for hours on end. First listed in March for $2.395M, it's all the way down to $1.65M.
·Listing: 1620 N LaSalle St. [@properties via Redfin]