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New Design Conceived for Ashland/Division Site

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We've been anticipating this: the very first rendering of the new medium-density plan for the Southwest corner of Ashland and Division. Thanks to Spyguy over at SkyscraperPage for landing it. He never lets us down. We must say, while wholly inadequate as a rendering, this seems like a design with potential. It's kinda elegant, actually, and at seven stories, pairs nicely with the Home Bank & Trust building. As Curbed previously reported, the mixed-use building will include ground-floor retail and a drive-thru bank (a sorry remnant of the developer's original two-story drive-thru proposal that drew the community's ire). Hopefully, the gloom of the sketch won't translate to real life. It could be doomed by cheap materials. Anyway, city and neighborhood push back should spur alterations.
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