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1890's Kenwood Mansion For The Right Buyer

The sale of this South Side Victorian mansion leans on its irreplicable historic detail. Listed as a fixer-uper, it does indeed look in need of mending. Often renovation is a thing of whimsy, and sometimes it's a matter of standards. This time it's subject to common sense. Even from these restrained photos, we can see cracks in ceilings and walls, and a deteriorating door or two. We're guessing this is why the photographer didn't do more to open up the house. Instead, she wisely fixed her lens on the house's exquisite craftsmanship. Nevertheless, this 8 BR Kenwood beauty has sat on the market for 15 months, enduring 4 price cuts. Originally listed at $550,000, the latest cut puts it at only $365,000.
·Listing: 4921 S Dorchester Ave. [Coldwell Banker]