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Zooming In on the First Stage of The Shops on Fremont

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[Source: Spyguy at Skyscraper Page]

That ever-crafty Spyguy beat us to another rendering, which we found today on Skyscraper Page. It's a zoom-in on the first stage of The Shops at Fremont development, which may or may not include a Firestone and Chipotle. A new component of the suburbanized mess of North/Clybourn, this gussied-up retail strip at the corner of Weed & Fremont is one of the least-pedestrian friendly pieces of the broader site plan which includes capacity for a department store, a parking garage, and up to 180,000 sq. ft. of retail. Last month, we wrote about design changes to The Shops that minimized surface lots and bulked up the site a bit. Very low-density in light of zoning allowances, there's still a chance for demand-based alterations to the plan. But we wouldn't count on it.
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