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Large Home Offers Prime River Frontage for $1.299M

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It's Halloween, so naturally we've been scouting for things hideous here at Curbed. What we keep bumping into is of the more awesome variety. A fine example is this 1924 brick home in Lincoln Square. A serviceable but plain-Jane structure set on a beefy lot, the awesomeness arrives via the private river-frontage off the backyard. A good way up the north branch, the river—while immensely polluted and potentially flammable—is much more quiet and naturalistic than a mile or two south. The large dock and water rights grant the possibility of serious boating/fishing. Not many Chicagoans enjoy this type of privileged waterfront.

But let's talk about the house. The bright white interiors might be a bit much, but they amplify the already generous natural lighting. Rooms are large with preserved vintage details, and the basement rec space is large enough for a yoga class and tacky enough to be a community center in Del Boca Vista. Just hitting the market today, this four-bedroom is asking $1.299M.
·Listing: 4530 N Virginia Ave. [@properties/Redfin]