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Blago selling North Side home for $1.07 million

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The Blagojevich's Ravenswood Manor home hit the market Sunday for $1.07 million. In July, a federal court ordered Blago to put his North Side and D.C. homes up for collateral against a $450,000 bond. A bungalow on steroids, this 5-bedroom, 3,800 square foot property oozes false modesty. "Built like a fortress," reads the listing, this is one of the largest homes in the neighborhood. And we're guessing it seemed really large when it was built in 1929. Standout features include a 2,200 square foot basement gym and lots of outdoor space. Originally purchased by Blagojevich and his wife in 1999 for $505,000. We wonder, who would want to pay double and assume the hassles of infamy?

Previous listing: 2932 W Sunnyside Avenue via Realtor.