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Admiral At The Lake Closing In On Completion

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A fair amount of time is spent grazing the message boards here at Curbed. An army of Urbanophiles inhabit forums like Skyscraper City, trading development tips, construction scouting reports, and commentary on the city in general. Almost daily, a great set of photos or renderings gets offered up for mass consumption. That's the case with Hayward's latest compilation of construction photos from around town. There's one site in particular that we've written about previously, and which is in need of updated photos. That would be the Admiral at the Lake, a 31-story, 292-unit senior living community on Foster Ave at the cusp of the park and lakefront. The last visit we made to the site, in mid-July showed construction at or near the half-way mark, but still looking very raw. These new shots give a better sense of the finished scale and the tapering off of the tower as it steps down into the surrounding neighborhood. But man, oh man, those windows are ugly.
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Admiral at the Lake

929 West Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640