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What's on the Market Right Now in Pullman?

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[Source: Coldwell Banker]

Under the radar and with a renaissance subject to fits and starts, Pullman doesn't make for a quick return on investment, but then again you really can't lose much either. Its rich supply of workers' cottages, row homes, and the occasional mansion does make for a certain integrity of place, something that history buffs and preservationists will appreciate. After being named last month to the American Planning Association's best neighborhood list, agents are playing it up in listings. Whether it will have a measurable effect on sales is yet to be seen, but we would be remiss if we didn't set you up with a sample of historic homes on the market. Just doing our part to generate interest in a singular Chicago neighborhood.

Listing: 11352 S St. Lawrence Ave. [Coldwell Banker]
The Ask: $131,000
A turn-key rehabilitation, move right in to this 3BR with new kitchen, baths, roof, skylights, and plumbing system. Original vestibule preserved, and a decent backyard. Just a few blocks to the Metra- the primary transit for the area.

Listing: 602 E 112 St. [Keller Williams]
The Ask: $299,000
An 1882 stone mansion, this price includes an attached coach house. Hardwoods, pocket doors, portraits of pompous old men, cathedral ceilings, and plenty of space make this 4BR house a winner. Price recently reduced from $349,000. Could be restored further, but doesn't need it.

Listing: 11142 Champlain Ave. [Coldwell Banker]
The Ask: $190,000
Over-exposed photography aside, this 1880 2-bed row house is fully restored, with preserved hardwood floors, windows, doors, and slate. New features include replica light fixtures and a skylight. Only four days on the market.

Listing: 11231 S St. Lawrence Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]
The Ask: $125,000
Another restoration job, though not fully completed, this 1875 row house is our biggest value with 4 bedrooms at just $137 per square foot. Maple floors throughout and a front and back porch are selling points.