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$3.895M for this Standout Lincoln Park Contempo

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Somehow, through the long annals of Curbed blogging history, we've failed to talk up this slick and pricey Lincoln Park contempo. On the market since April, this 5 bedroom has a total of seven distinct outdoor spaces, and is built around a courtyard with floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum natural lighting. Interior spaces are open yet intricate. You'll probably get lost on your first few trips to the bathroom. Showcased nationally on LXTV's Open House, the home first sold in 2001 for a meager $1.615M. The price skyrocketed to $4.95M when it listed again in August of last year. De-listed in January, it wintered, returning a half-mil leaner. Down another half-mil since, we sense it's finally in contention for your life savings. See the listing for more fine-grained details. We're hooked on the structure itself.
·Listing: 838 W Webster Ave. [Baird & Warner]