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Adorable Pre-War Tudor Bigger & Cheaper Than it Looks

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It brings us no pleasure to report that this beguiling pre-war tudor has been chopped eight times over a year-and-a-half span and still won't budge. The most recent price chop was ealier this month- $80K off the top, bringing the ask down to $545,000. Thus continues the downward spiral from the original April '10 price of $800,000. The house, built in 1930, is not unique to the area but does draw interest in the way the back-half of the structure contrasts with the front. Originally a fairly small home, the back addition looks to have doubled the living space, bringing the number of bedrooms to five, and adding a basement lair that could be its own unit. In a way, the plainness of the comfort-minded newer addition nullifies the charm of the original house. Still, if you want space and relaxation in the city at a fair price, here it is.
·Listing: 5919 N Forest Glen Ave. [Redfin]