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Waterfront Digest: Real Estate for the Inland-Allergic

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[Photo by swanksalot via curbed flickrpool]

No need to index the awesomeness of a waterfront property. The question is always affordability. But in a city of abundant waterfront, zip code and proximity to downtown are heavily weighted factors in price. If you can afford it, go for Gold Coast, but if you just want waterfront, plain and simple, there are real down-to-earth options. We lay out examples of both for your convenience. One common characteristic: unlike the loose MLS conception of waterfront, these properties are pressed to the water's edge, not even a park between them. Thanks to McKenna Phillabaum of Estately for getting the ball rolling.

Listing: 600 N Lake Shore Dr. #4112 [Redfin]
Asking: $1,795,000
Why not live on the 41st floor of Lake Shore Drive's newest full-amenity building if you can afford to? Well, if you prefer a house we'll let you off the hook. This 3BR has "countless" windows, according to the listing, but we're sure you'll come up with a reliable estimate. Walnut floors and suite-style bedrooms are something. Once again, unobstructed lake views. Drawback: two-car parking is an extra $110K.

Listing: 6157 N Sheridan Rd #22J [Redfin]
Asking: $108,900
Our budget property, this isn't even the cheapest in the building. On a high-floor, this Rogers Park perch juts into the beach itself, with bucolic lake views. A large one-bed, the low ask is probably due to the age of the building. Even so, owners enjoy a shared rooftop sun deck and a renovated lobby.

Listing: 420 E Waterside Dr. #3910 [Estately]
Asking: $2,295,000
A large 3BR condo on the 39th floor, this building is set at the mouth of the river, offering unobstructed panoramic views of city and lake. Featuring custom counters and cabinets, and a master suite adorned with with serious rock & mineral bling. Also, if you're good with heights, there's two balconies and a huge rooftop deck with a hot tub. And rest assured: the lake views, at least, are permanent.

Listing: 1009 N Riverwalk St. [Estately]
Asking: $555,000
New to market, this 3BR/3BA riverfront townhouse has three distinct outdoor spaces: balcony, patio, and roof deck. Facing a chunk of riverwalk, it comes with a boat slip, so you'd be silly not to own one. Hardwoods throughout, you run into redundancies with the kitchen cabinets and stair rails made of similar wood. Granted, the river ain't the lake, particularly in the nearby industrial stretches, but this is still a really solid price.