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Well-Composed Lakeview Contempo Asking $1.599M

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This Southport Corridor home is above average contemporary infill. Not overly reliant on a single material or a strict composition, this 2010 5-bed has a playful, quilted quality. Interiors, from the floors and walls down to the furniture, are mostly blacks, whites, and tans. Open kitchen, furnished basement with a bar, wine cellar, and custom staircases are your fancy-pants features, along with the 1700 square feet of multi-level deck. And the marble fireplace? Nicely done. Our only gripe: the listing calls the residence extra-wide, but it looks like it's tending toward the slender side. Selling for $1.765M in April 2010, the current ask is $1.599M.
·Listing: 1544 W Henderson St. [Zillow]