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What's on the Market Right Now in Bridgeport?

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[Stearns Quarry Park in the Evening]

Among the most diverse neighborhoods, Bridgeport is home to people of Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Mexican, and Chinese-descent, among others. Named for a bridge over the South Branch of the Chicago River too low to pass under, Bridgeport became an accidental port stop. First settled in the 1830s by Irish immigrant canal-diggers, the newest arrivals are artists in search of cheap warehouse space. The Zhou B Art Center on 35th is a major arts incubator with residences for 30 artists, a ground-floor gallery, and a cafe. Less established spaces dot the landscape including the newly-renovated Bridgeport Art Center, just down the street. And one of the city's most beautiful parks, Stearns Quarry, with its landscaped hills, marsh, and quarry water hole, is found here.

In the condo boom, new buildings began to mass around 35th and Morgan and along Halsted. There's not much construction these days, but prices have been on the rise over the last year. And unlike much of the South Side, population rose 13% from 2000. The birthplace of the Daleys and three other mayors, these are interesting times for a unique 'hood. We've brought to you today a fairly representative sample of properties on the market. Dig in.

Listing: 2833 S Eleanor St. [Redfin]
The Ask: $449,000
The Skinny: At first glance, not a whole lot here. But this 4-bed has a real inside personality. In Sum: Broad windows, deep spaces, and a 3-story rear addition with a spiral staircase which connects a ground-floor billiard room to the kitchen and the airy attic. Price includes the vacant side lot. Close to Orange Line and facing onto the river.

Listing: 2847 S Keeley St. [Redfin]
The Ask: $449,000
The Skinny: Another 4-bed priced exactly the same, this simple new construction home is straight-forward in every way. That's not bad, right? I mean, formulas are based on more than cost-effectiveness after all. Bright spaces, hardwoods, a deck and garage are the selling points.

Listing: 3465 S Lituanica St. #3 [Redfin]
The Ask: $314,900
The Skinny: This is our fresh market find, a 1,800 sq. ft. 3BR condo with a large deck. The listing calls it a penthouse, because it's the top floor unit. We'll go along but, given the building only has four floors and all of the units are more or less the same, this seems a little fanciful. A block from the Zhou Center, and near Halsted amenties, this is a pretty good spot.