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Big Reveal: 1BR/1BA Loft on the Near West Side

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from an apartment listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments.

Well, the weekend has afforded us a few guesses on our mystery listing, so we're gonna call the winner. It's UntitledReality, loyal reader and benevolent commenter, spot on at $200K w/o parking (well, $199K). A further prediction was made that the unit will sell for $190K w/parking, representing a $40K reduction in combined value. It's already stepped down from $220K in May, but we're not sure it'll dip that low. Of course, UntitledReality has proven a qualified guesser. Thanks to our participants. You're all winners!
·Listing: 130 S Canal St. #713 [Redfin]