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$549K West Loop Single-Family Littered With Balconies

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We found it! Your semi-affordable, extravagant, and generic-as-hell West Loop home. Each floor is virtually identical and could be its own one-bedroom apartment, with a balcony and all. Except they're all yours for $549,000. On Van Buren near Sangamon, it's pretty close to the action and on the cusp of Greektown. Though, proximity to I-290 may catch you some highway noise. Long and slender is the name of the game here, but broad windows at the front and back of each floor and an open concept keep it from feeling railroaded. The front windows fold open, creating pseudo-balconies on each floor, but the real balconies are at the back. Heated hardwood floors throughout, whirlpool tub, and double-vanities will elate the West-Looper in you. The listing classifies the home detached single-family, but it's looks pretty darn attached to us. That's not to say you'll feel crowded at all with this one. Built in 2009, and on-and-off the market, this home's not been a home to anyone yet.
·Listing: 922 W Van Buren St. [Prudential Rubloff]