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110 W Superior: A 3BR With Huge Terraces for $1.129M

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[Source: Superior 110]

The condos at 110 W Superior begin at the 7th floor. So you could consider this their bottom-rung unit. Except, this half-floor 3BR unit is a signature 'terrace unit', one of just two and only on the 7th floor. The splashy 27-story 2009 building cleverly incorporated a 7th floor green roof, so that floors above can gaze down on it and users still have the sensation of being on top of something. Constituting the roof of this unit, it isn't, however, part of the vista. Compensating for this drawback, the terrace units have, well, a pair of huge terraces. Far larger than the upper floor balconies, these add 1,300+ square feet of living space the 2,290 sq. ft. interior. That being said, this particular unit has been on the market for almost two years. Curbed suspects it's tough to sell penthouse-caliber features on a low-floor, even at half the price. And accordingly, $150K was shaved off the ask on October 1. It's now going for $1.129M. Zillow is logging several units currently for sale at 110 W Superior, ranging from quarter-floor units in the high six-figures to a top-floor duplex penthouse for $2.295M.
·Listing: 110 W Superior St. #703 [Zillow]
·Official Site: Superior 110