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East-West Jumps on the Vertical-Dorm Bandwagon

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Buried in a Tuesday Sun-Times article, is a bit about East-West University announcing plans for a 17-story dorm building at 825 S Wabash. Reliable sleuth Spyguy, over at SSP, cast a brighter light on the info with renderings from architect Holabird & Root. According to the Sun-Times and East-West's own literature, the building will room 220 students, with space for an auditorium, gym, food court, and library. Some basic green features are thrown in (can you say PR?), and the University claims to be striving for LEED certification. Efficient heating and cooling systems and a green roof are the main components. Responding to student demand, this will be the first on-campus housing.

The building's high-transparency labyrinthine atrium with floating boxes bears resemblance to MOMA, and the corporate branding is on par as well. It will connect to the Loftrium Building at 815 S Wabash via an indoor bridge. Construction should start by the end of the year and end in time for the 2013 fall semester.
·Official Site: Student Life Center [East-West University]
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East-West University

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