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Pull This Mansion Out of the Doldrums for $1.999M

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"The jewel of the South Side" has been a tough sell thus far. Re/Max agent Daniel Noll pulls out all the stops with this listing, employing a virtual tour and video to drive home a single point: gluttony. The best thing you can do to appreciate this is to Google Map stroll down the street and witness how this 10,000 square foot mansion is 3-4 times taller than the other homes on the block and many times larger. Designed in the kitschy Mediterranean vernacular which permeates the rooms with columns and arches, this 6BR has sat on the market nearly two years. After an flurry of early price cuts, the line has held on the current $1.999M since August 2010. It does have a host of swank offerings, namely the elevator, which of course means "entertaining made easy".
·Listing: 4179 S Lowe St. [Re/Max]