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Rec Rooms: Who's Got It All?

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Now that we're all heading in for the season, what can be done to extend the fun? A few lucky Chicagoans bring their swimming indoors. Another small minority lets loose in their building's rec room. So we're asking today, as a sample of this amenity, who's got the superior rec room? The Fisher Building City Apartments or the Condos at 565 Quincy? The Deathmatch begins.

Up first, shown above left: The multi-faceted rec room of the Fisher Building. "A resort-style clubroom", its features include a full kitchen, foosball, billiards, HD television, and a fireplace. It's also skylit. Awfully nice for a rental. And lest you forget, the Fisher is a landmarked 1896 Burnham building, at 343 S Dearborn in the heart of the Loop.

The challenger: The West Loop's 565 Quincy. A newcomer, this building pulls out all the stops with its 11,000 sq. ft. Q-Room. Equaling the Fisher's amenities plus bowling lanes, a lounge, ping-pong tables, and a movie theater, the Q-Room definitely raises the bar on creature comforts.

This would seem a mismatch, but The Fisher outclasses 565 Quincy in, well, class. Its intangibles make the fight interesting. But we can't get sentimental here. We're still gonna score a KO in 6 for Quincy, on account of its theme-park scale and bowling alley.
·Fisher Building City Apartments
·565 Quincy