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Momentum Builds for NU's New Hospital Building

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital, hungry to compete with new modern additions to the Rush University and University of Chicago Medical Centers, is announcing a start for construction of its planned outpatient and office building at 259 E Erie. At some point early next year, work will begin and aim to finish by the end of 2014. This plan has been touted for some time, but we've finally got our hands on a rendering. It's due to get hashed out some more in community meetings, but we've got reliable word on the fundamentals from Crain's: the million-square foot, 25-story tower is opposite the two-tower hospital, and is estimated to cost $334 million. It will supply eight floors of doctors' offices in an attempt to lure them from nearby non-university owned buildings. Also included: various outpatient facilities, and tons of parking (575 spaces!!) purportedly for visitor convenience. Doubtless, some will bemoan the loss of the handsome, sturdy brick buildings that lie in the path of progress. Count us among them.
·Northwestern Memorial moves forward on $334M Tower [Crain's]
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